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Garage Door Opener Installation

Garage Door Opener Installation

Garage door opener installation

 Has your garage door opener become over the years a source of noises that can startle you or wake you up at night? Know that it is not possible to stop them completely. Rather it is possible to mitigate enough to allow you to sleep better at night. In this article, we reveal our secrets to reduce the noises by the right garage door installation, not only by a proper opener installation, as many believe.

Garage Door Opener Installation Toronto

First, lubricate the metal parts, the tracks, the hinges, the casters and the spring system. Why? Because the friction between the strands of the torsion type spring system can generate a lot of noise. Check for the garage door cables and make sure they are tight and firm. Our garage door technicians can recommend or perform this task.

-Tighten the screws and bolts.

-Then make sure the casters and rails are in good condition. The rails must be well aligned and the rollers must roll on the rails and not slide.

-Also lubricate the opener chain. To do this, apply a small amount of oil on the chain and the sprockets at the ends of the chain. If your opener equipped with a rubber belt drive, lubrication is not required. Also, the belt or chain should be tight, but not as much as a guitar string.

Finally, it may seem obvious, but installing noise isolate between the engine block and the metal rod that holds the engine can reduce the noise caused by the garage door. The photo on your right shows a noise isolate; a cylindrical rubber piece that blocks the transmission of vibrations of the various components of the opener system. Such a noise isolate is available at Rollup garage door service.

Six ways to defeat garage door openers

It’s often when you have to go somewhere fast that nothing is going right. For example, you are not early to go to an appointment and you find that you in need for a garage door repair. How to put your finger on the causes of the problem? Read the recommendations below to learn more. To open your garage door by hand if your remote does not function, first deactivate the electric opener by pulling on the emergency red rope with which it fitted. Remember to disconnect the opener from the electrical outlet before locking the garage door. Why? To prevent the opener from getting actuated and force while attempting to open the garage door. The latter could also suffer major breakages in the operation.

Is there an emergency battery in the opener? If so, remove it to avoid the risk stated above.

Your remote transmitter does not respond to any commands? Temporary replacement solution: the external keypad that operates as your transmitter. Have you thought about checking the battery? Could be she’s discharged. Replace it if it is.

Can not close your garage door?

The misalignment of the photoelectric system is responsible. The proof: take a look at the side of your wall control panel. You will see a light that appears and disappears. To resolve the issue, replace the faulty box in a straight line with the other. Stopping the blinking will signal that everything has returned to normal.

Can not open your garage door even with the transmitter activated nearby?

Discover the three causes: The transmitter battery is dead.

The transmitter got fooled, defeating the reception of the signal from the receiver antenna on the opener. To avoid this problem, hold the button down for at least two seconds. The signal affected by the presence of interference. It must ensure that the opener antenna (15 cm or 6 inches long) protrudes from the housing enclosing the motor of the device. It’s a rarer scenario, but it’s likely to repeat itself. In this case, the antenna must be extended and left outside the garage. Ask a garage door expert for insightful advice. You can only open and close your garage door halfway.

It is time to take a look at the buttons that are on the side of the engine opener. It is thanks to them that the raising and lowering of the garage door can adjust. You need a screwdriver to fix it. Need to know more? Consult the service manual and especially the manufacturer’s instructions. If you no longer have the manual, do not worry: search for it on the Internet (only if your opener is 10 years old or younger).

Does your opener produce resounding noises?

Do not immediately charge your opener! To pinpoint what is causing the noise, try to locate the source of the noise by operating the opener. The culprit may be:

a damaged spring;

distension of the chain or belt;

the misalignment of a rail.

If the key to the puzzle is in one of these situations, hurry up and contact a garage door specialist who can fix it in no time.

As you can imagine, your garage door is the most important mobile part of your home. To ensure proper operation, regular maintenance, once every six months, required. If you can not handle it yourself, do not hesitate to call our qualified technicians. Questions about our company. We will be happy to send you an email submission. Nothing beats the peace of mind that comes with a garage door and opener that work well all the time.

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